Easy. Automated. Optimized.

Online advertising, across platforms, made easy.

We've used Facebook ads and AdSense and we've found that managing ads across the multiple networks can be difficult. A tool that lets us easily manage and analyze our ads would be very valuable.

Chris Hoffman, Co-Founder of Om Gallery

I think the greatest benefit of Ad Trumpet is its ease of use. We aren't marketing experts but we want ads - and this is an affordable simple way to get ads online.

Afua Bromley, Owner of Acupuncture St. Louis

All of us are incredibly busy so we don't have time to manage a bunch of ads networks. So we never get to purchase them. This could be a great way for us to finally expand our reach with online ads.

Lisa Potts, Co-Owner of The Dollhouse Studios

Effortlessly create amazing ad campaigns for all advertising platforms.

AdTrumpet is a tool that creates powerful ad content across all platforms easily. We use information from you, and your website, to intelligently build, and deliver advertisements to multiple networks.

Manage all of your ad networks in one place.

Never have to log into the seperate sites again! AdTrumpet makes it simple to manage AdWords, Twitter Ads and Facebook Ads in one dashboard. With our dashboard, you can quickly create, manage, and view metrics for your campaigns.

We help you build your business.

AdTrumpet makes it easy and affordable for business owners to take advantage of online marketing. We do all of the heavy lifting, so you can sit back and watch your business grow.